An event you can participate in to reach a new clients base and/ or sell products. Use Google to search locally.

  1. Types of Vendors Shows…
·         Tradeshows ·         Fairs
·         Fundraisers ·         Festivals
·         Beauties Shows ·         MLM events
·         Job Fairs ·         Church Events
·         Seasoned
  1. Before you sign up for the show, ask the organizer
  • How many years has this event taken places?
  • How many attendees are expected
  • Ask to see the layout to choose the best booth
  • Ask if there are discounted booths (you never know until ask)
  1. What you need…
  • A vertical banner
  • Black Table Cloth (keep it simple)
  • Chargers to layout your products
  • Framed posters for the table
  • Create elevation with props (like an empty box to put under the table cloth)
  • Extra table
  • Customer order forms
  • Products to sell (mascara gift bagged, make little bundles with different products)
  • Cash for sales
  • Square or PayPal credit card device
  • Business and blitz cards
  • Raffle Slips and pens
  • DRESS for Success at your Events!
  1. How to Dress
  • Keep your dress attire simple let your face and display be the focus
  • Dress like a professional. This is your business so treat yourself like a Business owner. (stay away from jeans, or cropped jeans, flip flops, jeans with holes, busy colorful prints: imagine it being an interview. First impressions speak volumes! Keep it sleek and classic)
  • Always wear all Acti-Labs Makeup
  • Wear one eye Skyscraper Mascara and the other without!
  • Stand up at your booth at all times. No chewing gum or talking on the phone.
  • Hold the mascara tubes in one hand and a business card or blitz card in the other.
  • Keep energy high the entire day. Smile and be confident
  • Say Hi to EVERYONE that comes by.
  • Make sure to have every one person that comes to sign in with name and email address so you can follow up with them (raffle, giveaway, or say it’s to follow up in a few days to see how they are liking their order)
  1. Words to say at show
  • “Have you tried this amazing mascara?” (wait for them to answer) It’s a natural based mascara, look at my eye with the skyscraper mascara. You can get it today for only $12.50 (whatever you cash and carry price is it does not have to be $12.50)
  • “What is your typical routine”
  • “How much time do you have in the morning?” (show them a qui5-minuteute face)