How to update your makeup look for summer

What do you think of this Summertime look? During the summer months, the skin typically has an improved skin tone because of increased sun exposure to UVB rays. Although many enjoy a warmer skin tone, be aware that any darkening in the skin is an indication of damage (even if you do not experience sunburn). The best mineral makeup lines provide foundations that exclude preservatives, dyes, talc and fillers which can irritate the skin. Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to define skin with bronzers that give the skin vitality and a healthy glow. Bronzers can help create a sun-kissed look without harmful UV damage. Try our Diamond Dust in Sweet Nougat. A simple guide to using powder bronzer is to apply with a large dome brush with light strokes to the areas of the face that normally get the most sun exposure, such as the outer cheek area, temples, and lower jawline. This is also a good time of year to use bronze, peach and gold colors on the eyes. The Vendome Palette #2 has some awesome neutral summery shades. Be sure to smudge your eyeliner with a sponge tip blender which helps to soften the eye look while leaving her eyes defined. Follow up with a sheer neutral blush like Sweet Apricot and a berry lip gloss such as Aphrodite. Defining lips in the summer should be fresh, easy and effortless. Skip lip liner and indulge in gloss or long wearing liquid lip color. Bold coral liquid lip colors are good for the beach and look amazing on sun-kissed or bronze complexions. Sheer lips are fantastic if you have already defined the eyes with shadow, liner, and Skyscraper mascara. Peachy-pinks and apricots are excellent this time of year and complement almost any skin tone. Berry pinks also look great on most skin tones. If you are persistent in using a lip liner, select a nude shade that is similar to your actual lip color – this will look more natural and fresh.

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