Thank you very much for choosing to have your very own ONLINE Facebook Party with me!!

I want your party to be as successful as possible!! So I have a few tips I have found work wonders for Facebook Parties!

After we have scheduled your PARTY – I will create it when the time comes – you will have your very own party url & party page that your friends can order from. I will create a FB event & link the url in there & I will run the party from there!.

I will let you know as soon as the event is ready & you just add your friends to it!
Then follow the simple successful tips below:

Step 1:
Text, FB Message, email or phone 30 (or more) of your friends (asap after you invite them to the event), invite them PERSONALLY (make it very personal – it’s all about friendship!) to your Facebook Party Event. Include the url FB Event link.

FIRST: I will create a Facebook Event for your party and then I will send you the link and invite you to join. I will post a welcome message, and I suggest you do as well. This is something that will stand out to your friends better than my welcome message. Your friends are more likely to see your messages and posts and be more responsive to your party welcome if the message is from you.

To make is super easy, here is an example message that you can copy and paste just add your party link.

Please join me for an ONLINE BEAUTY BASH on Facebook! I am hosting an AMAZING Younique party and I want you to come and join me at (insert facebook event link here). There is no obligation except to have fun. Laura Wright, an independent Presenter with Younique is going to edutain you on the full Younique Product line including a LIVE demos on (insert date and time here).

Have you seen that “photoshop / facelift in a bottle”? It’s INCREDIBLE. FULL coverage for any flaws without feeling heavy or greasy Here is a pic of Laura wearing it, can you believe those results!!!


Pinkie swear it is the most AMAZING foundation I have ever seen.

RSVP today, Laura has so many fun things to do and prizes to give away. After 10 people RSVP, she is going to do the first draw!!!

Again, here is the link to JOIN: (insert link here). Can’t wait to PARTY with you on Facebook.


I am having a super fun BEAUTY BASH on Facebook (insert link here). Come and join!! No obligation except to have fun! Here is Laura the Presenter showing a before and after! AMAZING products!! 


Use YOUR Voice!

▪ Comment on ALL Posts… during the entire party!
▪ TAG, TAG, TAG friends under posts you think they might like (i.e. “Kelly, did you see this? This is SO you!!)
▪ Ask one or two close friends to comment & participate also…. everyone will get the idea & start having fun!

▪ PROMOTE your Younique Party by going to your party link on my website (you’ll see the link at the top of the FB event), entering & scrolling to ‘Help Promote my Party’ – Click on ‘Open the Library’. Then choose any ONE of the 17+ pics, just click once on ONE & it will automatically post to your FB profile timeline w/ it’s own comments & link!
You can do this DAILY!
▪ PROMOTE by scrolling to the bottom of your party page & click ‘Share this party on your wall’

General Party Info

▪ All orders can be seen on your party page on my website. You access the party page through the link at the top of the FB event.
▪ All orders should go through the party link
▪ All orders are shipped out immediately, as soon as the order is placed. No waiting until the end of the party
▪ You can redeem your rewards as soon as the party closes & you have up to a year to use the rewards!

My Job …

My Job is to help you earn as much FREE & half price Makeup as possible by:

▪ offering a drawing for all participants to help create excitement for your party!!
▪ Posting one or two times daily during the Pre-Party ( the days before the LIVE Party)
▪ answering all comments & questions
▪ updating the party event every day
▪ giving you an AWESOME Party

Thank you again!!

Reminder Day of Beauty Bash Kick Off

The Beauty Lash Bash will be starting tomorrow at (insert Facebook event link). Laura will be sharing all things Younique with some great makeup tips and some fun posts too….please ensure you check in a few times over the next 10 days.

We will be meeting LIVE (insert date and time), pour your favourite drink, wear your comfy clothes and come check it out.

Thank you so much for joining the ONLINE bash!!

Reminder Day of Text Message

The BIG day has arrived and we will be PARTYING on Facebook (Insert date and time) at (Insert Facebook event link). Thanks for dropping in!!

SECOND: You are probably interested in knowing what you are going to earn from doing this Fabulous Party! Check out these awesome rewards! To earn a FREE set of 3D Fiber Lashes you only need to have a qualifying party of $200 or more and I will personally order you the 3D  Fiber Lashes as Thank You gift from me to you.

To help with posts I have set up a library of images you can download and use on the group or message folks who might be interested.