• Types of Home Parties…
  1. Your COMING OUT Launch Party
  2. Wrap Party
  3. Skintastic Party
  4. Lashes and Lattes
  5. Mom Groups- Makeup 101
  6. Mimosas and Mascara or Makeup – Brunch
  7. Wine and Shine Party
  8. Makeup 101 Sessions- for Makeup beginners
  9. Makeup Sessions for Professionals- Professionals- Makeup Artist
  10. Themed home Party according to the season.
  • Prior to the Party…
  1. Talk to your hostess and plan at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Discuss them and food for the event.
  2. Create an Invite: *On Facebook similar to a Virtual Party and load it with Acti-Lab Product information: Intro, Videos, Images, and Bio of yourself
  3. Email
  4. Text
  5. Flyer invite (Redstamp.com is a great way to create a invite)
  6. Make sure your hostess invites 15-30 people to her LIVE party. Odds are 3rd invited will attend. Try to only do home parties that are at least 5 people attending to make it worth your time.
  • What to bring:
  1. All the products that you have
  2. Customer order forms, sign in sheet, and enough pens for each attendee
  3. Business and or blitz cards
  4. Black table cloth, chargers, limited visual posters, no need to bring a banner unless you want too.
  5. Prizes for ice Breaker
  6. Dress for success, wear all Acti-Labs makeup and 1 eye skyscraper lashes
  7. Opportunity packets.
  • Day of the Party:
  1. Arrive an hour early in order to set up and help the hostess with whatever she needs.
  2. Greet each person who comes in, hand them a catalog with an order sheet inside and a pen attached, and write their name on it with black sharpie (helps you remember their name).
  3. If the start time is 7:00 do not start until 7:15 so you and the guests get to mingle and they can play with the products. Create Excitement. Be personable, be relaxed, have fun!
  • The Presentation
  1. Show products show tips and tricks for different products
  2. Engage your audience… they want to talk too. Ask them questions during the presentation!
  3. Use testimonials when talking about the products
  4. Descriptive Selling VS Emotional/ Benefits selling (what can this product do for you)
  5. Create a picture of how they will feel with the products on.
  • Wrap up
  1. Throughout the party you should be planting seeds about hosting a party and the opportunity
  2. Leave 1 hour for the guests to play with product and you can review their “Wish List”
  3. Review items they have written down
  4. Always up sell. (if they purchase a liquid foundation suggest the powder.
  5. Put your order in while at the party they can review and confirm their order.
  6. The goal is to give out 2-3 information packets of the opportunity for leads.
  • Follow up
  1. Day after the party, email a thank you to every person who attended (email a separate thank you for those that ordered and thank them for supporting your business)
  2. One week after the party, email a check up to see if they are liking their order, include products that could go with the items they ordered
  3. 5 months after party, email a follow up for refills