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The Dirty Secret About Micellar Lotion By Acti-Labs

There is a dirty secret about Micellar Lotion from Acti-Labs; you must add this product to your skin care routine.  Why?   One use with this easy skin care test and you will see the dirty secret you didn’t know existed. micellar lotionMicellar Lotion, AKA “The Best Cleanser Ever”  goes deep into the pores and draws out the leftover traces of makeup, dirt & oil that you thought was thoroughly removed with your basic face wash.   Here’s the test that will make Acti-Labs Micellar Lotion your new must have in your face cleansing routine.
  1. Wash Your Face – with your regular product like you normally do.
  2. Take a cotton pad and squirt a couple of pumps of Micellar Lotion onto the pad
  3. Gently distribute the cotton pad with the Micellar Lotion on your face and neck area
  4. Look at the pad
Dirty?   You thought you were really cleaning your face all this time and had no idea what was being left behind.

Removing impurities without irritating your skin, this PH balanced Micellar Lotion is so powerful, hairdressers use it to remove hair dye from their client’s skin.  It will also remove permanent marker!

Acti Labs Micellar Lotion is a mild aromatic cleanser for face, eyes, and lips, perfect for sensitive eyes and skin prone to redness, rosacea, and irritation. Respects skin’s natural balance perfects make-up removal and leaves the skin satin-soft.  This non-rinsing and non-drying formula gently remove impurities and make-up without irritating your skin. And the best part is, you don’t wash it off!    It keeps working for you night and day! Micellar Lotion is made from Micellar Water, which actually works like a magnet to pull out impurities without drying out the skin.

Are you ready for the cleanest skin you can achieve?   Don’t wait, order now.  Or find out how you can become an Acti-Labs Ambassador and share this dirty secret with others while building a career online.

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