Acti-Labs questions that I get asked about many times and their answers can be found below. Click on the + to open answers.

What is Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs is a brand for a range of products owned and manufactured by Acti-Laboratories. Acti-Labs products are made in France and sold via Direct Sales (DS) network of Ambassadors in the UK and soon for USA and Canada.

Where is the company based out of?

Acti-Laboratoires Europe in Paris, France
Acti-Laboratoires UK in Andover, UK
Acti-Laboratoires USA in Rockford, IL, USA

When can I join?

You can join any time from my Ambassador’s link here .

How did the company start and for how long?

Acti-Labs was founded in France in 2011 by husband and wife, John and Yelena Miller. Acti-Labs specializes in cosmeceutical skincare, slimming and weight loss, haircare, cosmetics, and body sculpting with a wide range of treatments to suit everyone’s needs. In January 2015, they ventured into the cosmetics side of things, using all natural, mineral based and paraben free ingredients that they use in their skincare line. All products are currently produced in France and distributed from the UK, USA and Canada.

What are the requirements/involvement for Acti-Labs?

No monthly fees. No quotas to remain active. No auto-ship for customers.
Optional kits to buy with specialty to Master.
You work as much as you want to without the fear of losing your account!!

How much will shipping costs be?

USPS flat rate of $4.45 for packages under 1 lb.
UPS shipping costs for packages over 1 lb. (Price varies by location.)
Free Shipping on Orders over $175.

What should we call ourselves?

Ambassadors plus your choosen Mastery (if you want)
Skin-Thuiast, Body-Sculpter, Makeup-Junkie, Slim-bassador, Hair-Ologist

Do we get commissions on our personal sales?

Yes, we earn commission on personal sales. Up to 25%.
See Compensation Plan for more detail.

Do we get a personal discount on our personal purchases?

Not in the sense of discount at purchase. You will earn commission off your personal purchases. The “discount” comes back with your commission.

Can under 18 join? Requirements if so.

Anyone 16 and over may join. If you’re under 18, you will require parental approval.

Is Acti-Labs cruelty free?

Yes! We do not test on animals.

Are products Vegan Friendly? Gluten Free?

Not a Vegan Brand – Wherever practical, we use natural ingredients over synthetics.
Not a Gluten Brand – Although most of our products are in fact gluten free.

Are Acti-Labs products all Natural?

Natural has no real definition. All of our ingredients are derived from natural plant or marine sources. We do not use synthetic or man made ingredients. Some brands that claim to be ‘Natural’ use natural ingredients which are not good like oils or petrol derivatives. All ingredients are listed with products.

Acti Labs is Paraben Free, Synthetic ingredient Free, Animal derivative Free

Are we allowed to have a Facebook business page? Any requirements?

Yes, you may have a page and invite potentials and build a team. No requirement.
Only logo rules. Some people choose pages, customer groups, or just from their personal page. However, Facebook frowns upon that. To avoid any Facebook rules, post on your business page and then share that post on your personal profile.

Can we have decals made for our cars?

We don’t allow car advertising at the moment. It’s just something the company asks. You can use your business name on them, but you just can’t use the Acti-Labs logo/name.

Does Acti-Labs have samples of anything to send customers?

Acti-Labs currently only makes HD Foundation sample packs.

How much is it to become an Ambassador?

You may join virtual only for $27.50. With four kits at $59.50, and Skin-Thusiast at $75.
With the On-Trepreneur (online only), by earning a goal in a single month you can be rewarded with a kit of your choice. Must be redeeme the in same month as goal earned.

What is the purpose of this company? Is there a mission statement?

Our objective is to create a top quality, performance leading range of products that are available to the consumer at an affordable price. For more detail: Mission & Ethics

What skincare products contain SPF?

All the face creams do! However, SPF ratings are different in the USA to Europe, so retesting will need to be done before advertising exactly how much.
3D Corrector is the only product currently stating SPF 20.

Are there products to avoid if you are allergic to seafood?

Avoid any Collagen products. Capill-Hair Capsules are okay. Avoid Silhouettes.

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