We’re taking our comp plan and your business to another level!

The information below outlines all of the Commissions and Bonuses available from our new Comp Plan effective January 1st, 2018. You’ll see earning potential is not only much higher than ever before, but also simpler, more accessible, and importantly… in your own control!

Personal Sales Commissions

Earning potential is higher than ever before with personal sales commissions of up to 30%

How and when these commissions get paid: 
Weekly Payments – You get paid 20% commission on every sale you make. Payments are made directly into your bank account every Friday for your sales made in the previous week.

Month End Payments – If you sell over $500 in any given month, we will send you an extra 5% commission payment, effectively bumping you up to 25% commissions for sales made that month. These payments are made to your bank account on the 7th day after month end.

If you sell over $1000, we send you an extra 10% instead, bumping you up to 30% commission!

Personal Sales Acti-Cash Bonuses

Sell over $200 between the 1st and the 14th of any given month and you will receive a $20 Acti-Cash Bonus! Acti-Cash can be used to pay for products and what’s more, you get a commission on the sales you make when you spend it too!

How and when this bonus gets paid: 
This bonus is paid on to your Ambassador account on the 15th of the month and must be used before the 7th of the following month when Acti-Cash balances will re-set.

Team Commissions

Earning team commission has never been more in your own control!
Get paid up to 10% on your directs, with simple step by step goals that just keep on paying off with team commission up to 6 generations deep!

Below are two tables. The top table shows the requirements to reach each level. The bottom table shows the payouts you will receive.

*Wholesale Sales – Team commissions payments are paid on wholesale sales values. Wholesale sales are calculated at 80% of retail sales values. This accounts for the 20% personal commission already paid out weekly to the Ambassador who made the sale. We don’t make any further adjustments/deductions if someone gets bumped up to 25-30% personal commission, we’ve kept it simple with a straight 80%.
*Level 6 and above: if any team branch represents 40% (or more) of total team sales then that entire branch is excluded from commissionable pay-out.

How and when these commissions get paid: 
These payments are made on the 7th day after month end.

Payments for Elite Leaders at Level 1 are made to their Ambassador Acti-Cash account balance and must be used before the 7th of the following month when Acti-Cash balances will re-set.

Payments for Elite Leaders at Levels 2 and up are paid directly into their Bank account by direct deposit.

Acti-Car Club

Achieve Level 8 or Higher for 3 straight months and you will become a member of the Acti-Car Club with a Mercedes GLA or equivalent.

We’re set on making 2018 a game changer. Are you changing your game and your life with us?? Acti-Labs: A Career to be proud of with the rewards you deserve!