What is Blitzing?

A blitz is defined as an intensive campaign or attack. In our case, it is being used for marketing reasons, for sharing out products or business.

  • What to Blitz with…
  1. Business cards
  2. Blitz Cards
  3. Cell Phone (add contacts)
  4. Sweet Bags
  5. Sample Bags
  6. Business Events
  7. Free Makeup Consultations
  8. Include Event Flyer you are participating in.
  • Where to Blitz…
  1. Every time you leave the house: friends gathering, children’s games, grocery store, shopping, doctors, auto shops, restaurants, you name it, BLITZ
  2. Join Groups: Mom groups, Networking groups, Chamber of Commerce, BNI
  3. Join Organizations: Non-profit, PTA, Board of Directors, Athletics,
  4. Do something for yourself: Fitness, Painting, Bookclubs, Makeup Classes, Cooking Lessons, support Groups
  • ARE You BRANDING YOURSELF? You are a walking billboard and your best marketing tool.
  1. Wear Clothing Swag: t-shirts, Acti-Labs headband, purse, jacket,
  2. Carry Acti-Labs Branded Bags (Luci bags)
  3. Car Decal with your business name
  4. Accessories (water cup, coffee mugs, jewelry, etc)