We are committed to advancing the science of natural skincare. Every pure, bio-active product in the Acti-Labs range is specifically blended to help achieve and maintain the skin’s ideal balance.

We invest heavily in clinical trials & research. Our scientists continually strive for new formulations combining established & proven active ingredients.

Our award winning Laboratory staff are responsible for every product from its conception to production. Our training staff ensures appropriate application for maximum effect.

We care about the environment. Our Laboratory received a Government Environment Award for ‘low carbon footprint’. We have a recycling contract to deal with everything that enters our facility, be it glass, plastic or cardboard. Wherever possible we use recyclable materials for our packaging & everything that leaves our facility. Our new headquarters are developed as an Eco-sustainable center where natural resources allow the lowering of energy consumption and a solar power system covers our consumption requirements.

Our products are not tested on animals & we do not use ingredients that are. We do not support animal cruelty in any form, however, we do use some ingredients found on the PETA website which we consider to be cruelty free regardless. We do accept that each person is entitled to an informed opinion & we respect that right.

We are not a Vegan Brand. We prefer, wherever practical to use natural ingredients over synthetics.

We are not a Gluten Free brand, although most of our products are in fact gluten free.

Our objective is to create a top quality, performance lead range of products that are available to the consumer at an affordable price.