I want to share what Inspires me to do what I do in hope that I can inspire each and every single person who reads this. And remember if YOU are looking for a change or want to join a successful company for a little start up this is YOUR time!

This is about to get real. My inspiration comes from going through a sexual harassment lawsuit about 17 years ago is something I would never wish on another chick to have to endure. It will strip away every single bit of self-confidence you have. But, This led me to the life I live today. It prompted me to start my own business 13 years ago. The goal was to not get rich – though that would be nice. Rather, it was to have control over my day to day activities and to know that I would never have to feel terrible about myself again. This led me to where I stand today.

Work at home selling beauty products by Joining Acti-Labs. You see, I am inspired by the fact that so many chicks out there do not have the self-confidence. The drive. The wants for success. I can’t reach out to them for jumping on my wagon for web design but I can reach out to each in hopes of showing them just how wonderful Younique as a whole could and would be for them.

I know I can help others and show them how to take control of their lives just by signing up as an ambassador. The support you get from the company and the friends you make along the way will make you feel really amazing. So many positive thinking chicks in one place. Even though I haven’t actually met these women face to face they have honestly made me feel even more empowered to share this wonderful business opportunity with you.

So my inspiration comes from that one creep from 17 years ago. My inspiration comes from the folks who tell me I can’t. My inspiration comes from the women who are too scared to dive in and make a better life for themselves. I could go on and on. But, I think you get the point.