25 makeup tips for beginners

25 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

I am sharing this article for all those who are just beginning to experiment with eye make up. Here are 25 tips and tricks that you should know and always follow while applying your eye makeup. They would help you to prevent doing the mistakes that beginners might do. For all those who are already pro in this field, go ahead and read these tricks as it’s always good to brush up your knowledge.


beginner eye makeup tipsGetting your eye liner right is one of the most important steps to eye makeup. So here are some makeup tips for eyes that every beginner must definitely know about! 1. To avoid smudging of eyeliner, make sure the eyelids are grease/oil free. You can ensure this by using makeup remover or Acti-Labs Bi-Phase Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 2. To get that perfect look, I keep my eyes open while using eyeliner. It can be a little difficult in the beginning, but you will eventually get hold of the trick. 3. Make sure to keep the line as close to the eyelashes as possible, so that it looks like a part of your eye. 4. But there are times when you want to make your eyes look bigger, for that you can use a white pencil on the inner rims of your eyes and then use the liner outside it. 5. To make your eye look bigger, go for a pencil eyeliner as it tends to be softer. Smudge the line with your finger so that it looks more natural than a straight line. 6. With age you might be reluctant to useeyelinerr. Don’t stop using eyeliner; just start using a softer shade. 7. The color along the bottom lash line should never be deeper than the color on your top lash line. 8. You can line along the top lash line without lining along the bottom. But if you line the bottom lash line, you must line across the top lash line too.


How can we talk about eye makeup and not talk about mascara! Here are a few more important tips for eye makeup. 9. The first tip you should know is that the mascara should be placed near the roots and not the tips to make your eyelashes look longer. 10. Mascara looks very bad if the eyelashes stick together. To avoid this, shake the brush horizontally to separate them while applying your mascara. 11. After you apply the mascara, use an eyelash comb or a clean mascara brush to remove clumps. 12. Eyelash curler: It can be used after or before using mascara, both will work equally well. but please be careful when using an eyelash curler as some have been known to break the lashes. 13.  For the bottom eyelash, you can use a tissue paper to prevent spoiling your makeup. 14.  To help your mascara stay longer, you should always use base first like a primer.

Eye shadows:

greens315. The right technique for applying eye shadow is to brush the base colour on the eyes up to the brow bone (lightest color) first, then apply the lid color (the medium color) and lastly the highlighter (the darkest color). 16. Always choose the eye shadow according to your skin tone. It really makes a difference. 17. Your eyes would pop out if you use the same eye shadow as the color of your eye. But it can work well if you use colored lenses. 18. While creating smokey eyes, try to keep the color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don’t extend color above the crease. 19. Different types of eyes (hooded or wide spread, etc) have different areas where highlight, midtone and contour shade should be applied. Always keep in mind your eye type and the areas where to apply different shades.


20. To remove the build up on your crease, you can dab it with a blotting paper without smudging your line. 21. To get better curling of your eye lashes, you can blow dry the curler but be careful it’s not too hot! 22. The applicators and brushes that you use should be of very good quality. 23. If you are using a bright lipstick shade, then try going light on the eye makeup or else it may end up as a disaster. 24. Put a bit of light eye shadow right on the inside ridge of the eye, near the tear duct. It brightens the eyes and makes them look whiter. 25. Well maintained eyebrows always add to the beauty of your eye makeup and do not try to match your eye makeup with your dress color.

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